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SIPA Reports

Checking an Advisor's Registration
This report asks the question "Are They Above the Law?" It examines the system and provides detailed scrutiny. December 2016

Advisor Title Trickery
Illustrates "Financial Advisor" title means acting as commission sales person even if they have higher qualifications.

Unpaid Fines: It's a National Disgrace
An illusion of effectiveness – most aren’t paid. Almost a billion dollars in fines owing to Canadian regulators.

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A Must Read

Easy Prey Investors
Al Rosen & Mark Rosen

This insightful book exposes financial manipulation details and explains why broken safety nets threaten your wealth.

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The Investment Industry Exposed

A courageous letter from Julia and Mikhail Lipovetsky to the OSC that represents the dispute experience of all small investors.

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A Fiduciary Oath

The Committee for the Fiduciary Standard has developed an Oath for Advisors. Read more >>

Welcome to SIPA

The current investment industry regulatory system does not provide adequate protection for the small investor.

SIPA is a voice for those small investors -- Canadians who have investments from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars, but who do not influence the market or individual share prices and who do not have a financial manager on staff.

A non-profit organization supported by members and private donations, SIPA prepares and submits reports to government and regulators, tracks industry fraud, and does its best to keep the small investor informed. Learn more about SIPA's priorities.

SIPA asks members and the public to help make a difference by taking action:

  • Contact your member of parliament
  • Write to your local newspaper
  • Write TV and radio personalities and radio stations
  • Call radio and TV talk shows
  • Spread news to your friends and contacts
  • Make a donation to SIPA to ensure sustainability

SIPA thanks all those individual investor advocates and small investors who have devoted time and effort to help make a difference.

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