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SIPA Presentations

A key aspect of SIPA's efforts to advocate for industry regulation and enforcement, is making presentations and submissions to government and corporate organizations.

Copies of the submissions SIPA has made over the past few years are available here.


SIPA submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA)
Submitted November 1, 2018 requesting FINA recommend to Government the establishment of an Independent Consumer Protection Agency since the FCAC has failed to act in Canadians best interests and continues to allow banks to self-regulate.

SIPA Submission to Minister of Finance Ontario
Submitted October 9th, 2018 requesting his support for the elimination of Deferred Sales Charges which cause harm to small investors.

SIPA Submission to House of Commons Finance Committee (FINA)
On June 15th, 2018, SIPA submitted a report to FINA and recomended that they hold a public inquiry to hear what the people have to say rather than rely upon the FCAC and industry. SIPA recommended that it is time for the Government of Canada to legislate a National Authority to provide consumer/investor protection for all Canadians.

SIPA Report: Listen to the Voices
In April 2018, SIPA issued this report in response to the long awaited FCAC report to the Bank Inquiry. FCAC is proposing to continue with the banks self-regulating. This is not acceptable. Canadians deserve a responsible banking and investment service with a fiduciary responsibility for Canadians savings and investments. Government must act to protect citizens.

This report visits the trauma and mental health effects upon victims of financial assault, when it is learned that they have little chance for fair and honest treatment by the industry and those who enable it. SIPA is issuing a direct challenge to our elected officials to listen to the actual voices of victims and employees.

SIPA OPEN LETTER to Political Leaders
SIPA letter to the Prime Minister and Premiers stating it is time for the Government of Canada to legislate a National Authority to provide consumer/investor protection for all Canadians. March 30, 2018.


SIPA OPEN LETTER to Securities Regulators
The SIPA Advisory Committee provides a critique of securities regulators' websites regarding registration along with suggestions for improvement. October 2017

SIPA Report: Web of Deception: Opening Pandora's Box
In March 2017, the CBC program "Go Public" produced several articles, interviews, and news items in an expose of up-selling techniques used by the 5 major Canadian banks. This report is a response to these events.


SIPA Report: Above the Law: Checking an Advisor's Registration
This report asks the question "Are They Above the Law?" It examines the system and provides detailed scrutiny. December 2016

SIPA Report: Advisor Title Trickery
Canadians are being deceived by the investment industry and their regulators when they call Sales Persons "Financial Advisors" to gain trust. This report illustrates the Bait and Switch tactic to gain public trust that leads to the wealth transfer from small investors to the industry. October 2016

SIPA REPORT: Investor Protection and IIROC Governance
This report examines The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada's (IIROC) governance and its impact on investor protection. It highlights serious IIROC operational issues that directly impair investor protection. It concludes with recommendations to make IIROC a better, more responsive regulator. October 2016.

SIPA Report: The "Know Your Client" Process Needs an Overhaul
Written by the SIPA Advisory Committee, this report outlines issues with the Know-Your-Client form which is meant to define the client profile and the strategy for investment, but is woefully inadequate for fairly representing the client's interests. July 2016.

SIPA Report: Unpaid Fines: It's a National Disgrace
An illusion of effectiveness – most aren’t paid. More than $899,216,448.32 in fines owing to Canadian regulators. April, 2016

SIPA's Response to a Request for Comment on OBSI
SIPA's response to a Request for Comment on the Independent Evaluation of the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments with respect to Investment-Related Complaints - Feb 19, 2016

Letter to CSA re: Mutual Fund Risk Classification Methodology.
Comments submitted to Canadian Securities Administrators on Mutual Fund Risk Classification Methodology for Use in Fund Facts (FF) and ETF Facts - Proposed Amendments to NI 81-102 Investment Funds and Related Consequential Amendments - Jan 7, 2016


Letter to CSA re: Cummings Report - November, 2015. Letter submitted to Canadian Securities Administrators re: The Cummings Report on Fund Fees and Performance - November 6, 2015

Letter submitted to Ontario Securities Commission re: IIROC's proposed rule allowing "Financial Advisors" (sales persons) to act as Executors for clients - October 24, 2015

Expert Committee to Consider Financial Advisory and Financial Planning Policy Alternatives - August 27, 2015

SIPA Report: Financial Advisor Fiduciary Illusion
Canadians believe they are dealing with a fiduciary. Industry advertising and titles reinforce that perception. Common sense and decency tell us that a person handling another person’s savings needs to be held to the highest standard. They need to be fiduciaries. May 8, 2015

SIPA – Report “Lack of Truth in Advertising ...” - May 5, 2015

OSC - "Priorities 2015-2016" -April 24, 2015

OSC - "Whistle Blower Program" - April 21, 2015

CSA Letter to the Chair - "Deception and Lack of Fiduciary Duty" - April 13, 2015

OSC Letter to the Chair - “Deceptive Practices & Fiduciary Duty” - April 10, 2015


CSA Secretariat - "Awareness" - May 26, 2014

OSC Office of the Investor - "Registrant's Use of Titles" - April 1, 2014

FCAC - "OBSI application as External Complaint Body" - January 8, 2014


Letter to OSC - "2013-2014 Fiscal Year Priorities" - April 12, 2013


TAMRIS submission to Investment Industry Regulator of Canada - "IIROC CRM Project" - Feb 28, 2012


Ontario Securities Commission"Comments on Statement of Priorities to 2012" - Apr 26, 2011

Investment Industry Regulator of Canada"Comments on Client Relationship Model (CRM)" - Feb 28, 2011

Alberta Finance and Enterprise - "Incorporation of Individual Representatives" - February 18, 2011


Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada - "White Collar Crime" - May 3, 2010

Expert Panel on Securities Regulation - "Because They Can" - May 3, 2010

Minister of Finance Ottawa - "Failure of Current Regulatory System to Protect Investors" - Feb 25, 2010

Ontario Securities Commission"Comments on Statement of Priorities to 2011" - Feb 14, 2010


Ontario Securities Commission"Point of Sale Disclosure for Mutual Funds" - November 19, 2008


Task Force on Financial Literacy - "Financial Literacy" - April 29, 2007

House of Commons Finance Committee -  January, 2007


Ontario Justice Committee"Limitation Periods vs Access to Justice" - May 4, 2006


Joint Forum"Comments & Recommendations Joint Forum 2005/2008 Strategic Plan" - January 17, 2005

Senate Standing Committee on Banking Trade and Commerce - "It's a Matter of Trust" - February 14, 2005


Ontario Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs - "Five Year Review of the Securities Act" - August 11, 2004