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SIPA 2015 Animation/Video Contest


Investor Be Aware

Sign: Be Aware, Things aren't always as they seem

SIPA is accepting any and all creative videos, two minutes and under, that will help shine the light on hidden dangers faced by investors when dealing with the financial industry.

All film styles are encouraged and welcomed.

The deadline for submissions is October 31st, 2015. Winners will be announced in November 2015.

1st prize: $3,000.00
2nd prize: $1,500.00
3rd prize:    $750.00

This is a North America wide media contest. The contest will be internet based via social media, YouTube and various websites. It will be spread across as many platforms as possible to allow broad involvement and exposure.

The Topic

SIPA believes the very foundation that underpins the client/advisor relationship is often not what the client believes it to be and that the public has the right to know the truth.

There are two types of advisers/advisors in North America. This is no mere spelling variation! An adviser has a fiduciary, legal responsibility to act in your best interests under the Securities Act, but an advisor does not! Most investors have self-titled advisor's looking after their hard earned savings. In reality, these advisors are salespersons.

The industry bombards us daily with its commercials and ads. This contest is SIPA's effort to balance the scales and inform the public. We don't have big funding to buy expensive TV ads, so we plan to use social media for maximum social impact. These “mini” commercials you create and submit will help: raise public awareness, generate some very important discussion and bring this relevant issue into the public limelight.

Movie Director's Chair

Our ultimate desire and goal is that these videos and animations will be a reflection of the people's voice and will open eyes and ears across the country, galvanizing regulators and our government to provide real regulatory reform that truly protects investors.

We invite you to be both relevant and bold! Keep in mind, humour is also a powerful and memorable way to get a message across.

Click here for some Ideas for your video clip to get you started.

Click here for Resources and Links to research some of these serious issues.

Click here for Contest Rules and Details and here for your Submission Form.

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