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SIPA 2015 Animation/Video Contest

Ideas and Suggestions

In no particular order, here are some ideas to help get you started.

  • adviser vs advisor how to wiggle out from duties specified under the Securities Act
  • client best interest vs industry best interest
  • foxes guarding the hen house (self regulation)
  • fancy (meaningless) title games they play after taking a weekend course
  • Vice President (real world translation)= Most Productive Salesman
  • “free” lunch seminars...sign here please
  • hidden fees
  • high fees
  • “trust me”  
  • full and transparent disclosure... seems pretty opaque
  • peeling the DSC onion (deferred sales charges)
  • perils of leveraging
  • industry incentives and how they work against the consumer
  • "professional illusion" lack of credentials and training
  • commission tainted advice "suitable" for you (if your lucky) but "best" for me mentality
  • complex products with hidden dangers in fine print of unreadable “legalese” type documents
  • fiduciary responsibility illusion vs suitability standard
  • “advisors” who are allowed to sell the highest compensating product (for them)
  • is the broker’s “suitability” obligation similar to a promise that a product is “edible” or “drinkable” (vague, undefinable, and lowest standard possible?)
  • have some fun with industry jargon and real world translations
  • whose in charge? They act like they are, until something goes wrong, then you are.
  • taking advantage of the elderly
  • churn and burn
  • regulators who, when collecting fines from those they regulate, keep the money themselves rather than help the investor victims
  • regulators who not only can't get your money back when misconduct occurs, but can't even collect the fines they impose
  • heaven forbid if you have a complaint enter the compliance maze take a number and wait
  • take a deep breath and dig in your heels cause your up against the big boys, bully tactics and deep pockets
  • an Ombudsmen with no teeth to enforce a recommendation
  • an industry that appears to have lost its' moral compass
  • an industry that says “We have your best interests at heart, but don't you dare make it an actual legal requirement!”