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SIPA 2015 Animation/Video Contest: Investor Be Aware

Contest Rules and Details

  1. All entries must be an original work that explores how millions of Canadian and American investors might be facing financial pitfalls right from account opening, by entering into a relationship which might not be in their favour.
  2. All video styles are encouraged: computer animation, stop motion, pixilation, roto scope, motion capture, compositing, live action, etc. Documentaries and or predominately live action films will also be considered. Impress us with your hard-nose insight, humour, craftsmanship, originality and diversity.
  3. Post it on YouTube and email us your link Indicate Video Contest Entry in the subject line. Also share it to SIPA’s Facebook page
  4. Running time: 30 seconds minimum to 2 minutes maximum.
  5. The submitter must be the original creator of the entry. If you are considering using copyright protected material such as music, photos, etc... in your entry,  you must secure permission and you may be required to provide documentation of that permission.
  6. Deadlines for submissions are October 31st  2015.
  7. Winners will be announced in November 2015.
  8. 1st prize $3,000  2nd prize $1,500 3rd prize $750.
  9. Your entry must include the SIPA LOGO (below), including the tag line and the SIPA email address, at the end of your film.
  10. Your film must not name an actual person or firm. SIPA maintains the right to remove any offensive material from its facebook web page at its sole discretion.
  11. You may wish to use a Disclaimer such as “The following clip is fictional and does not depict any particular financial advisor or firm.”
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